Thursday, June 21, 2007

ST: Bumps

"[sound of snare hit]"

Of the three Stones Throw albums released on Tuesday, Bumps is by far the most audience specific. The latest side project from indie favorite Tortoise, Bumps is comprised of percussionists John McEntire, Dan Bitney, and John Herndon. In its entirety, Bumps contains 23 tracks (only 3 of which are longer than 2 minutes) and runs just under 32 minutes. Those expecting 'intrumentals' will be somewhat disspaointed; the album is nothing more than its title suggests: Beats, Breaks, and Raw Drums.

But as simple as the album might appear, or sound, Bumps is far more impressive. Under the surface lies a varied selection of Afrobeat, Latin, and funk beats, short breaks, and simple kit work that's dying for someone to mix with. Bumps is like a gift to the world of DJ's, rappers, and producers, all wrapped up in a bow with a note saying, 'Love, Tortoise.' Bumps may not be for everyone, but neither is most of Stones Throw's catalog.

Bumps - Nashira

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