Tuesday, November 2, 2010

mp3: Pigeons Liasons LP & Vison of the Valley EP

Fresh off the release of the heavenly psychic Si Faustine, Bronx-based Pigeons are back with a pair of new releases on Soft Abuse. The duo includes the remarkable Liasons full-length, a record which finds Clark & Wednesday exploring the paisley side of their nouvelle-psych. The exploration is fitting for the duo, who've been carving a niche for themselves by crafting songs as equally romantic as they are narcotic. Personally, the only thing I can liken their sound to is a good film noir...informed by flower child sensibilities. Hints of Opal, as well as Kendra Smith's solo work, looms, as does the effected wonder of wah'd out bedroom compositions...with a bosaa-drum machine beat, and a lil' flute for flavor. And that's just the opener, "Smoke," a track which appeared on Pigeons TCC tape. The second track, "Race," wanders down all the rain soaked alleys you'd want to walk down at 4am in Paris drunk on good wine and too many rollies.

Pigeons- Race

In addition to the beautiful Liasons, Pigeons are also releasing a new 7-inch, Visions of the Valley, which contains two brand new tracks from the band. Released in an edition of 200 with hand-printed sleeves. Be sure to snag one of those on their tour with Fabulous Diamonds. Listen to the whole thing below.

Pigeons - The Postcard
Pigeons- Sunset Park

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Great write-up and thanks for the tracks. Cool tunes.