Monday, February 22, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch Ep2


Week two of the Sunday Brunch found Ari and I locked out of the studio sitting in a frosty hallway eating bagels while some modern rock band practiced down the hall at the Danbro Studio. Shortly there after, we burst through the studio door, and bombarded with the air waves with hangover jams, pushing light vibes and big drums like Juan Valdez slang's java. The highlight of yesterday's set was Pigeons live four song set. Check back next week for more shenanigans, Sunday afternoons 2-4pm EST on

* Btw, all vinyl set.

Brian Eno- I'll Come Running (from Another Green World)
Roxy Music- India (from Avalon)
Roxy Music- While My Heart Is Still Beating (from Avalon)
Sarolta Zalatnay- Munanyag Almok (from Sarolta Zalatnay)
Asi Kapela from Zaire- Yo Yo Yo (from Sound d'Afrique, Vol. 2: Soukou)
The Beatles- You Know My Name (Look Up My Number) (from Let It Be 7")
J Dilla- Don't Cry (from Donuts)
Susan Christie- Yesterday, Where's My Mind? (from Paint A Lady)
--Pigeons Live Set--
New Riders of the Purple Sage- Dirty Business (from self-titled)
Fleetwood Mac- Angel (from Tusk)
Deerhunter- Microcastle Mellow #3 (from Sub Pop Singles Club)
Matrix Metals- Flamingo Breeze Pt.1 (from Flamingo Breeze)
La Bandas- Democraicas Jam (from La Bandas)
Bruce Springsteen- Dream Baby Dream (Suicide cover)
Beach Boys- Feel Flow (from Surf's Up)
Julian Lynch- Andaza (from Orange You Glad)
Pill Wonder- What We Know (from Jungle/Surf)
Vincent Ahchehinnou- Ou C'est lui ou C'est Moi (from Africa Scream Contest)
Animal Collective- Safer (from Peacebone 10")
Oneohtrix Point Never- excerpts from Russian Mind LP


Unknown said...

no love for moschi

Unknown said...

no love

Bryan said...

I saw Springsteen play "Dream Baby Dream" in Hartford a few years back. That was a really good day.