Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mp3: Diva Cup "Ramona Ali"

"I Lost More Than My Knee"
Mystery alias Diva Cup dropped off a copy of X Minus One yesterday. Digital head funk boiling over field recordings and Reason beats, while methodically tripped out post-modern primal meanderings simmer in a separate pot. It's cooking. The sort of post-YouTube video-splicing avant-audio you'd expect to hear from an acquaintance of Run DMT. Which makes a helluva lotta sense since Diva Cup mashes Run DMT's "Ramona", one of the highlights from Bong Voyage, with bits and pieces of Muhammad Ali sound bites in, you guessed it, "Ramona Ali." It's not entirely original, but hey, no one said it wasn't fun. Diva Cup also chops & screws on some Vashti Bunyan, which I'm sure obscure folk enthusiasts will, um, conflict with. Make it through most of the album (linked below) and you'll enjoy some synth glyph'd Mighty Ducks samples.

Diva Cup- Ramona Ali

Download Diva Cup's X Minus One album


Mark Schoneveld said...

yo McG - any chance you could add a flash MP3 player to your blog? No biggie - it's just way easier to listen when i click thru.

Did you see my Beach Fossils show recap from last night? ;)

McG said...

flash player prob aint coming anytime soon. but maybe it will. who knows

yeah thats crazy. cranky venue peeps. bad zones.


wowwww so gooood