Monday, November 23, 2009

video: Julian Lynch at Monkeytown


Breaking down the walls of retransmission, it was a must to beam Julian Lynch into Monkeytown during CMJ. Fortunately, the needed technologies are embedded in laptop machines we carry in over-the-shoulder bags and so, presenting Julian Lynch live from the his bedroom floor in Madison, Wisconsin wasn't that big a deal, technically speaking. It was, if anything, essential, a must, and even more so in retrospect, as Julian's cosmic raga pixelated the air in the room until all we could see were molecules and molecules made up of molecules. This is what I imagine lucid dreaming to be.

1 comment:

Mark Schoneveld said...

Man, this is hot. Artists gotta do more of this 'virtual concert' shit. Let's set that up!

Kudos to Ray, too, for another sweet vid.