Wednesday, November 25, 2009

mp3: Yes Please

"I Smelled Your Smell on My Fingertips"
Molly from Mountain Man sent me a few tracks from San Francisco's Yes Please a couple days ago and they couldn't be more appropriate given the nature of tomorrows Holiday. Playful, earnest and introspective, Yes Please is the (former?) folk project of Lily from Grass Widow. While her more current act dwells in poppy girl group melodies and jangle fuzz, Yes Please is more akin to the trinkets that adorn window sills around the globe; glimpses of times spent with friends, ex-lovers, and books, the sort of intrinsically good stuff that can, for lack of a better term, turn that frown upside down. While certain songs invoke the sylvan wordplay of Joanna Newsome, Yes Please is most certainly a bedroom project, which finds Lily experimenting with anything she can get her hands on; loop pedals, toy guitars, the sounds passing by on the street. Her looping is majestic, invoking the spirit world much in the way Julianna Barwick does, though within a more traditional folk structure. Fans of Merrill Garbus, you will like this.

The tracks I were sent were unlabeled and I haven't been able to track down their titles, mostly due to the fact that Yes Please's early EPs on Bicycle Records seem to be long out of print. My guess is this track, in particular, is from the Oh La La EP, or possibly the Purple EP. In all honesty, it doesn't matter what its from, because its just plain good.

Yes Please- Track 02


Emmanuel said...

Very thanks !!!

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(the link has an extra '/' in it..)

Anonymous said...

her eye is swollen

Mountain Man said...

Sometimes you need to drink wine on your roof and pee on your roof with your friends and jump in the pee puddles in order to feel good about your day.....