Thursday, November 12, 2009

live: Candy Claws "Catamaran" (acoustic)


For various reasons (stage fright, lack of funds, schizophrenia) some bands don't tour. Candy Claws, the Ft. Collins, Colorado collective, fall into that category, but I think it's because some of them are working on completing their studies, which is hard to knock, cause you know, you gots to be smart to dominate the game. (OK, I've officially been watching The Wire way too much.) While Candy Claws usually dabble in the sort of bedroom tomfuckery that can be extremely difficult to translate live, this live tour video finds the group stripping down, bringing a whispy, acoustic dream vibe to the transformative "Catamaran." Truth is, Candy Claws are in the midst of a virtual tour. In their own words:

This tour shall happen online, in the form of videos posted to music blogs of different cities and towns across the entire planet. The first ten dates will feature live footage of acoustic versions of each song on the album. The last ten dates will debut brand new music videos for each song.
The band was nice enough to "fly" cross country in the middle of the night, losing sleep in the time zones, to play at Bobka Headquarters in Greenpoint, BK this morning. In all honesty, the acoustic version of "Catamaran" is exactly what I wanted to wake up to this morning. All the coy, LSD-25 saccharine sheen one could ask for on a cold, windy Thursday morning. Double exposure never felt so good at 9am. Candy Claws virtual tour continues tomorrow in Boston, when they "play"

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