Wednesday, November 4, 2009

video: Alex Bleeker & Mountain Man

"Old Blue Jeans"

A rainy Saturday afternoon can be tough, especially after 4 days of non-stop showcases, free booze and incessant running around. Around 5 pm or so, I was beat. Everyone was beat. Sick of music. Sick of bars. Sick of bad sound guys. Then Alex Bleeker rolled into the Lovin' Cup. There were about 25-30 acquaintances, friends, admirers waiting for him to arrive with Mountain Man. When he crossed the threshold of the tavern, the place exploded in applause. Physically taken back, shocked even, Bleeker laughed and did the Kool Aid Man walk out the door, before returning a few seconds later to grace our weary heads with an acoustic, unamplified set accompanied by Alex and Molly from Mountain Man, and whomever else felt compelled to sing along. Serious coffee shop vibes. One of the most magical moments from this year's CMJ. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for news announcing a similar event in the near future.


orange said...

awesome post! thanks!

JP said...

incredible track/video/commentary. srsly makes me want to go hug all of my best friends.