Thursday, November 19, 2009

mp3: Kevin Greenspon "Softened"

"Sundowner Lane"

As November drifts away, the days get shorter, the nights longer and the streets more barren every night. It's funny how once the temperature chills out, and the sun starts going to bed after the early bird buffet, everyone retreats to home base preferring the comforts of the couch to the park or the roof or some quaint garden. My guess is that Kevin Greenspon, ambient auteur, is a couch dweller, however, rather than plant himself in front of the boob tube with a few seasons worth of M*A*S*H*, Greenspon sits lotus position on his bed, peering out the window on the shadowy streets below. There is probably a tree in his backyard that rustles against his window when the wind picks up. Often its howl billows through, as if a ghost crept out of the radiator. It's at once warm and comforting, yet, bleak and atmospheric, sort of like Christina's World. Either way, its ripe for days like today. Thanks to the folks at Rose Quartz for the heads up.

Greenspon will release Bracing on CD-R in a DVD package on Family Time (same label as Norse Horse) shortly, with a cassette tape on Obeast Tapes, as well. Be sure to check out Family Time's releases, as they've got some great packaging.

Kevin Greenspon- Softened

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