Thursday, November 5, 2009

mix: Oneohtrix Point Never

"Zones Without People"
Recently came across this short mix Oneohtrix Point Never, who may have the hardest name to remember/spell, did for Rare Frequency a few months back. As is usually the case with the hyper dimensional composer, the mix seamlessly moves like a mystic space explorer's vehicle through inter-gallactic nothingness, slowly progressing towards its final destination, a place where time is infinite. It's a bit new age-y, at times, but then again, all true synthesizer music, cosmic in its form, could be tagged as yoga music. What's most stellar about the nearly 11 minute mix is how OPN's progression is so organic, it's hard to pin point exactly where the movement is coming from. Minimalist, yet deep and dense at the same time, the live set is the cosmic embodiment of lone space travel. You see the stars, the Milky Way and the sun, but all you can hear are the sounds of your own thoughts in the back of your head and the infinite hum of space.

Oneohpoint Trix Never will release two records this month, the Russian Mind LP on No Fun and the Rifts double CD also on No Fun.

Oneohpoint Trix Never- Live on Rare Frequency July 23rd, 2009


georgia k said...

dan the man! luv this get lost shit. lost in your head i mean, not get out the door and dont come back.

Anonymous said...

opn & ferraro for president