Friday, February 29, 2008

we saw: Apes and Androids

If you visit the Apes and Androids website, you will find the following quote:
"It's long and loud and everything about it is big: from the massive riffs, the pounding score and the band itself, which towers above everything and everyone in this mega-budget sonic explosion." -adapted from actual Transformers movie review
And after seeing them last night at Hiro Ballroom, I would have to say that description is pretty accurate. They do indeed have a big and diverse sound filled with massive riffs and complex vocal arrangements, and their live show was all about neon, confetti, glow sticks, and synchronized dance routines that gave it a blockbuster feel. Their stage presence and image matched up with their darker, electronic-tinged "Bowie meets Queen" sound, but I couldn't help but draw comparisons to The Darkness in the sense that it was hard to tell if these guys were being tongue-in-cheek, or if they actually dress and act that way. Regardless, these guys definitely have what it takes to make it big, so be on the lookout. Check out their MySpace to hear some tunes off of their recently released album Blood Moon and watch their dancing sleeping bag video below.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to check these guys out live, but the record is pretty good. And I hear you with the Darkness (whose first record still totally rocks by the way) but I think maybe it's closer to Electric Six in a way. Lotta Bravado going on.

EekNasty said...

Thanks to Mort, I also checked these guys out at the Hiro Ballroom. He nailed the musical experience, so I'll offer my much more superficial critique:

I enjoyed the music, and respected their fusion of sounds, but there was something holding me back from really getting into it. As he expressed, I couldn't tell if it was tongue-and-cheek, (as if liking it would mean my being the brunt of a musical-joke) or if they were serious - and in which case trying way too hard.

As I remember watching the pseudo-rock, sleeveless stage personas, I'm left with an inabilty to I'll reiterate my unbelievably shallow (and hopefully not offensive) mid-set comment to Mort:

"I kind of want to like it, but I think it's too gay* for me?"

*I honestly don't know if I mean that in the happy/jocular or sexual sense of the word...Probably both.