Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mp3: new Atlas Sound & Deerhunter

Time Warp
Bradford Cox just dropped another virtual 7" over on the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound/Lotus Plaza blog. The new Atlas Sound digi-release, which pairs "Springtime Instrumental b/w Time Warp", is sort of an early '60s throwback, complete with kaleidoscopic riffs, shakers of all sorts and nostalgic, pre-pubescent drum fills. "Time Warp" is sort of an anti-suburbia sketch, which, while being slightly negative, comes across in an "I feel your pain" kinda way, ala the film Suburbia, which sucks, but I sort of really like/relate to. All in all, a nice little Earth Day surprise, on top of that new Deerhunter jam "Rainwater Cassette Exchange", which the band let loose last week. Does this mean were getting the follow up to Microcastle and Let The Blind... sooner than expected? One can only hope.

Atlas Sound "Springtime Instrumental b/w Time Warp"

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douglas martin said...

at this point, it would be sort of naive to not expect a new deerhunter/atlas sound record every calendar year. if the next deerhunter record is anywhere near as good as microcastle, i'll be plenty satisfied.