Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cover: Spacemen 3 "We Sell Soul"

"If Your Ever Feeling Low, You Know Who To Call On"
It took a rainy day, a deathly hangover and another bout with Spacemen 3 addiction to realize that the seminal space-rock band covered The Spades "We Sell Soul", that cryptic howling beast of an R&B rave-up featured on the latest Bobkast. According to Spacemen3.co.uk, the cover is actually a mixture of The Spades "We Sell Soul" and Thirteenth Floor Elevators, who grew out of The Spades, "Don't Fall Down." Should be no surprise that J.Spaceman and Sonic Boom take this one to Saturn, ridding the track of its bluesy confines and letting it roll like an infinite ball of string in outer space, all while the haunting "we sell soul" lyric lurks in the background, a shadowy figure in the night, looming over your shoulder, as if it could attack at any second, yet only to vanish off into the night, as if it were never there.

Spacemen 3- We Sell Soul
The Spades- We Sell Soul

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