Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mp3: Kurt Vile & the Violators "Hunchback"

"Big As A Humpback Whale"
Kurt Vile's been making a lot of noise lately on the strength of a few solid vinyl only EP's and some CD-Rs. His Mexican Summer debut, God Is Saying This To You, is all but sold out, unless you know the right place to go, which, apparently I did, as the Academy Annex had one this afternoon. Not one to rest on his budding laurels, Vile also recently released The Hunchback EP with his in-your-face rock group Kurt Vile & the Violaters, which, like many of his collaborations and configurations, features Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs. Playing the bi-polar opposite to Vile's gauzy bedroom folk, the Violators kick out the druggy jams, as if they were the house band for a members-only bar located in the mirth of a sewage swamped basement of a warehouse in the god forsaken wasteland of South Philly. If I had known better I would've placed my order with Richie Records, the label behind the product, who, for $16 instead of the normal $13, will throw in "throw in a copy of Kurt's out of print split vinyl single w/ the Beat Jams, containing the tunes "Freeway in Mind" and "Everyone is Talkin'" from 2007."

Buy from Richie Records.

Kurt Vile will hit NY this Friday for a show with US Girls and Gary War at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood, Queens. I will be there. You should too.

Kurt Vile & the Violators- The Hunchback

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