Thursday, April 2, 2009

tape: Arch-M "Mountain Tan"

In The Mountain
Dark, moody and loopy, Arch-M's Mountain Tan cassette is the soundtrack to R.E.M. hallucinations and fantastical nightmares. The snippets which comprise the Mountain Tan Commercial Cassette, the fore barer to Arch-M's forthcoming 12" Moon Tan, which bedroom provacatuer Corey Reid is still recording, amount to roughly 9 minutes of material, material that should be played on "repeat all" while trying to drunkenly conjure visions of the past, or simply weirding the shit out of your roommates. While the 12" release is still pending, in a recent interview with No Pain in Pop, Reid noted that this year he will be touring the States and releasing a few 7", which is nice for those of us who couldn't get our grimy little paws on the limited edition Mountain Tan cassette. Luckily for us, Reid is a cool guy and made it available a while back on

Download Arch-M's Mountain Tape.

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