Monday, November 12, 2007

The Bobkast #6: Gray Skies, Sinking Suns

With winter comes snow and trees

Despite Global Warming's best efforts, Winter is officially upon us, and this latest installment of The Bobkast was made with the transition of the seasons in mind. And here's another "Inconvenient Truth": you will likely enjoy this mix, despite knowing little about (or being aesthetically opposed to) 'electronic' music. The tracks featured have a somewhat chilly vibe, but still provide enough warmth to get you tappin' your frozen toes and humming along to the melodies, as they come together to create a sound that can best be described as "indie-electronica." So bundle up tight, put on some warm headphones, and pray for a snow day.

Boards Of Canada- Olson
Mobius Band- The Loving Sounds of Static (Junior Boys Remix)
Matthew Dear's Big Hands- Deserter (live)
Matthew Dear- Don And Sherri (Hot Chip Version)
Hot Chip- The Warning
Aphex Twin- Fingerbib
Four Tet- And Then Patterns
Boards Of Canada- Roygbiv
Radiohead- Reckoner
Amon Tobin- Stoney Street
Prefuse 73- Uprock And Invigorate
Mobius Band- 2 Kinds of Light
The Slip- Mr. Meowskers (live)

DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save Target As)

PS- Lichtenstein painted the piece above.


Chaakles said...

tracks from Warning will make Bobkasts for life...

Anonymous said...

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