Saturday, November 24, 2007

we love: Junior Boys

"I Think I've Seen You In My Head"

When a friend described the Junior Boys' music as "New Order meets Timbaland" I was so intrigued at what this love-child might sound like, that I immediately walked to the record store to find out more. And as it turns out, that description was pretty on the money: their debut LP Last Exit (released September 04) features the emotive melodies of New Order mixed with the rhythmic complexities of Timbo, and instantly became a favorite; the perfect soundtrack for staring out of a car window on a rainy day. Their sophomore effort, So This Is Goodbye (August 06) is somewhat of a stylistic departure (most notably the drums), but still features the unmistakable Junior Boys sound and themes: electronically-infused melancholy, about longing and lusting.

To get an idea of Junior Boys' style, take a minute to check out Last Exit 's "High Come Down" (streaming below) and the jaw-dropping, fan-made music video for Goodbye's "In the Morning" (above). Learn more about Junior Boys by clicking HERE.

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