Friday, November 16, 2007

nu musik: KILN

Ethereal downtempo psychedelia from Ghostly Records

Dusker is the latest offering from Michigan trio KILN and it has been on constant loop on my mp3 player since it was released this past Tuesday -- I seriously cannot stop listening to this album. It is hypnotic, warm, subtle, spacey, and strikingly original. I could go on, but instead I'll let the Ghostly marketing department earn their paychecks.

Ghostly describes Dusker as an...
aural feast on headphones.... Its lush songs [are] packed with flourishes that appear and disappear, cycling, spilling and disintegrating across the stereo field. KILN have a knack for balancing heart rending melodies & progressions against rhythmic forms & textures of incredible depth, making for a richness of sound that may well be instrumental for the sole fact that words could never express as much.
Stream two tracks from Dusker below and then head on over to the Ghostly store where you can download the album for a measly $7. Headphones most definitely recommended.

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