Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bangers and Mash: the Arbiters

"Fame, Fame, Fame Fame, Fame"

So you loved Girl Talk's Night Ripper. Then you got sick of it. Truth is, Greg Gillis' schizo wild style while an informative pop encyclopedia, isn't exactly what you want when you want to dance all night long (it's more of a 40 minute freakout). Luckily The Arbiters respect the groove. The Los Angeles based producers, a project of Music Supervision mastermind Thomas Golubic, is a groove based psychedelic mash for the ages from a producer who truly understands the word 'mix.' This isn't your standard Hood Internet slice of indie, dash of hip hop, but rather a comprehensive blend of pop music from the last 40 years. The Arbiters make the best of familiar beats like Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth", the Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" and The Game's "Hate It or Love It", as well as ear catching riffs from Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones to create seamless grooves with poppin' verses from Biggie, Tupac and Lauryn Hill and punchy spikes from David Bowie and M.I.A. If you think mash ups blow, then I'd stake my musical reputation on you thoroughly enjoying the Arbiters mix-ups, as they don't really mash together high irony but truly, and I mean truly, mix together seemingly contradictory moments from the pop music cannon. The final product is meta- in the best way possible.

The Arbiters- Gimme That Love Thing
The Arbiters-Missing Sweet Love
The Arbiters-Papa Was A Crashing
The Arbiters-Sure Side of Fame


Chaakles said...

if you want 192kps or AIFF's check out their website....


Anonymous said...

just heard missing sweet love on KCRW and found your blog--your review is right on!