Sunday, November 11, 2007

nu musick: The Archivist

"I Look Forward To A Time When We Can Someday Meet Again"

Somewhere between Stephen Merritt and Elliott Smith sits The Archivist, a Milwaukee bedroom musician whose woolen folk often sounds like it was recorded via an ancient walkie-talkie inside a chopper shot down behind enemy lines. At times it's raw, lo-fi aesthetic at its best. However, The Archivist also brings a few synths to the table on the standout track "New Years" which could have been the 70th track on 69 Love Songs. Even his simple, yet universal lyrics are delivered in the same gentle deadpan that won The Magnetic Fields so many broken hearts.
"In ten or twenty years if thats not much too long/I'll try and find you here provided your not gone/ But if you left or if you hide or if you lock yourself somewhere hoping not to be found/ I take it as a sign your well and that you found somebody else with whom you'd be much better off/ I hope I wont be wrong"

If you've been spending endless nights pacing around your bedroom or starring into a half empty glass of red, your in luck as The Archivist has a gift for you. What you might ask? Well it just so happens to be his recently released debut EP "recorded in his bedroom and available for free to anyone with an internet connection." Click HERE to download the whole EP for free, or check out two of my favorites below. For fans of Bon Iver, Sparrow House, Peter and the Wolf, Elliott Smith and general folkie sadness.

The Archivist- New Years(highly rec'd)
The Archivist- Jeremiah (The Archivist)

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