Thursday, November 29, 2007

nu musick: Hot Chip

"Colours and Colours and Colours and Colours"

Who knew if you started talking about Christmas you'd start receiving gifts too?! Well thats just what happened today after we posted The Black Art's video for "Christmas Number One", we stumbled on some new Hot Chip songs at the home of fellow Blog Fresh Radio correspondent Headphone Sex. James at HPSex saw Hot Chip a week ago in England and after the show the group was handing out the Normal 7" with new tunes "So Dope" and "With Each New Day." No word yet as to whether or not these two will be included on the forthcoming Made in the Dark LP, which drops February 5th. While "So Deep" represents the fidget funk Hot Chip's known for, "With Each New Day" finds Alexis channeling his inner Elliot Smith. Not that we'll ever stop listening to The Warning but we're really F'ing excited for February 5th.

Hot Chip- So Dope
Hot Chip-With Each new Day

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