Monday, May 10, 2010

mp3: We Like Cats "Money Dub Money"

The entire concept of We Like Cats is completely absurd; take three of Portland's wildest musicians (Adam Forker, Honey Owens & Eva Salens) and watch them crank the low ends and rhyme about cats. What followed the session was a mythical germination period, which Marriage Records describes thoroughly:
Original tracks for their debut LP Proper Eats were recorded at Marriage Studio in Portland, Oregon on two sizzingly hot summer days in 2009.The tape were then buried in a small plot of dirt next to the parking lot through the rainy season until the winter of 09/10, at which point they were properly saturated with the deepest filth of soul fire dub juice, cooked in an oven for 7 hours on low heat, strung back up in the studio, versioned, dubbed and mastered for thickest possible vibrations."
That's about as apt a description as you are going to find. The warped and Tubby-inspired party collection is available on LP from Marriage Records, and the vinyl comes with "4 extended bonus dub version mp3s" for all you soundwoofin' heads lurking in the swamp.

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Luminous Insect said...

trying not to sound like a tool or nothin' but I don't even care if the music sucks or not. just the concept and the people involved makes this the greatest thing ever.