Tuesday, May 4, 2010

video: Dirty Beaches "True Blue"


Enamored with Dirty Beaches sound after reading Tom's praise a few months ago, I copped Alex Zhang Hungtai's self-titled Night People tape at Co-Op 87 last I was there. While the ambiance is up my alley, it hasn't hit me the way "True Blue" did. A relic from days when aching Orbison melodies accounted for a collosal amount of joy and sorry, "True Blue" rings familiar, while skirting the obvious in place of something a little more genuine. The tune is removed from its kin, sort of the ugly duckling, and while it straddles roads Roy probably manuevered many nights in his little Red corvette, "True Blue" is ostensibly original. It help's that in the video, Alex simply performs solo over a backing track, crooning on a security camera while double exposed visions of highways yet to travel color the negative space. One could easily loose sense of self while viewing.

The tune will be made available on 7" courtesy of Zoo Music in the coming month. For now, pick up Dirty Beaches s/t tape on Night People.


Mark Schoneveld said...

Man, I love this guy. His songs are so amazing.

nick said...

real true soul