Tuesday, May 4, 2010

split: Run DMT/ Happy Family

"Gang Green"

There is little one can do to stop a helium balloon from running away. The easiest way would be to simply pop the balloon, then it could never leave. Of course, then you'd have to watch it wither away in front of you, until its a wrinkly mess of plastic and gas. But, if you just set the balloon free, it could lend a smile to anyone in the burgeoning Babylon who happened to watch the balloon soar above the city. In a way, the new split between salty Balty's Happy Family and Run DMT (now residing in Brooklyn) is that balloon, a gas'd vessel capable of charming the pants off the nastiest of cobra's. If "Youtube" and "Spruce Bringsteen" are any indication, smiles abound in our fair city today. Watch the sky.

Both "Youtube" and "Spruce Bringsteen" will be available on the upcoming Run DMT/Happy Family split tape & cd on Wigflip Records.

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