Friday, May 7, 2010

mp3: Do While "Balloon Clouds/Balloon"

"A Candy Coated Slow Down"

The other day I made reference to an escapist balloon retreating into the atmosphere in a post about Wigflip Records new Run DMT/Happy Family split. And now, the score from inside that drfiting balloon; Do While's "Balloon Clouds/Balloon." Transience is the main objective here. Meandering bliss and repetitive loops are the focus, which is totally out of focus and mared by the sun's striking glare. "Balloon Clouds/Balloon" lures you into a realm; you have two choices; to completely avoid it, or to succomb to the atmosphere, a place Do While seems to explore with wide eyes and exploratory intentions. Explorations can be found on his new CD on Wigflip Records.

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chocolate alaska said...

hey chocolate bobka. i thought i'd leave a post since we're both really into wigflip lately. i ran across your blog a long time ago pre-tunnelvision and started following it because of the name & you liked good stuff.

i've been running a tumblr lately named chocolate alaska - it was a name i picked up a couple years ago because of a waffle dish at a diner & i've been using it for everything web-related since. i don't mean to cramp your style or anything. i've been posting way more than i thought i would -- my friend and i have a separately named music blog/web zine we're about to start up, and then i'll be off your back.

just thought i should drop a line and say hello at least.