Thursday, May 20, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch Ep 13

"My Mind Went Blank"

Chopped up, not slopped up. This weeks radio set was largely inspired by the mantra of the late DJ Screw. Heat rays and cool mist are priority here, used as transportation to a place you and I have only dreamed of living in; some hippie outpost where Screw & Pimp C would be chillin alongside Wavy Gravy, if WavyGravy was a desireable person to chill beside. (He is not, but there must be a legit Wavy Gravy out there somewhere. A lost Space Cadet searching for likeminded revellers to get zonked with.)

This week the takeover starts. I'll be spinning jams on Underwater Visitations today from 4-7, while Ari (UP) and Emilie will host Sunday Brunch. Be sure to tune in to Newtown Radio for a heaping of audible candy.

Sunday Brunch Ep 13
Janka Nabay- De Debul (Slo-gruv)
Oneness of Juju- Liberation Dues (Broken arm rmx)
Tyrone Ashley's Funky Music Machine- Does Franklin Ever Call My Name?
Tina Turner- I Can't Stand the Rain
DJ Screw- My Mind Went Blank
DJ Screw- South Circle Attitudes
DJ Screw- 13 Ways
James Pants- Checkmate Drome C
Billy Bayo- One Spliff A Day
Major Organ and the Adding the Machine- Transmission
oOoOO- NoSummr4U
Whodini- Magic Wand (20K Leagues Under RMX)
James Ferraro- excerpt from Discovery
How I Quit Crack- In Realm
Balam Acab- See Birds
DJ Screw- Something Good
Games- MIDI Drift
Silent Diane- Riverside
Arthur Russell- The Deer in the Forest pt. 1
The Samps- F.X.N.C
Excerpt from Man on the Moon: Moon Landing LP
Sun Araw- Conga Mind
Ganglians- Modern African Queen
Sun Araw- Conga Mind
Pure Ecstasy- Baby
Twin Sister- Color Your Life

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