Wednesday, March 3, 2010

video: Sun Araw CoCo 66

"The Phynx"

Ray just sent me this recap of the Sun Araw show at Coco 66 this past Sunday, which was, to say the least, some really HEAVY shit. All night. (Aside: Bigs up to Upstairs CDR, the KGB Man himself, and DJ Bryce (?) who was in the front bar spinning shit all slo'd out and drawly-like.) OPN killed a set too, but thats a whole different story. Sun Araw came in from Cali the night before, after getting stuck in LA because of weather, Airline-delays, etc in NYC. Dude took the red-eye and landed at LGA at 9:30 AM Sunday Morning, days after his supposed arrival. Yet somehow, despite delays, Sun Araw instantly cast a mega-aura over the greater Greenpoint area. The sky got all neon green. Except the ooz sky wasn't poisonious, it was just glowing mist. Like tie-dyed fog. Everything was real fresh. Super zones. (RC on a different plane of existence with this one. Right on.)


OESB said...

west coast represented hard.

Unknown said...

is this for real??? i totally thought sun araw canceled so i didn't go... what a bummer

Benjamin Sisto said...

show ruled. hopefully we (the venue) will get a board-recorded mp3 of the Sun set out there someday!