Friday, March 26, 2010

video: Raw Thrills "Komich Traveling with Vampires"

"To Outerspace"

"Komiche Traveling with Vampires," featured on the Report compilation and Raw Thrills Dead Set, hits like a rocket shot into your nasal cavity, only to burn up and fizzle out as it reaches the outer layer of Earth's atmosphere. It exists in a parallel universe where the China Club is inhabitated by junk'd out terrordome fashionistas, ala Escape from New York (or LA), and rocket cars are the most popular mode of transportation. But they ain't nice rocket cars. They suck, actually. In the post-WW7 world, the most advanced technology is rusted over and coroded, fucked up beyond recognition, but still somehow viable. Get all the Raw Thrills hotness, including another recently released CD-R at IMSOSORRYDAD. Weekend...blast off.