Tuesday, March 9, 2010

mp3: Games "Midi Drift"


Funk me where the pampers is?! It's another GAMES track. The trifecta to join a now holy trinity. Here's what GAMES have to say about it.
this track started w/ a video idea in which joel and i are 90s high tech corporate dads, except our cubicles are party jam stations comprised of drum machines and synths and tactical flowcharts on how to make the best music possible. we meet by the water cooler and i give joel a folder on it that says PROGRAM-A-JAM and i point at my watch, like ‘get it done by 5 dude or my goose is cooked.’ later on joel bumps into a ~really~ fine girl in the hallway and her folders fly everywhere. she ends up taking the PROGRAM-A-JAM folder and he takes one that says TOP SECRET KGB STUFF on it. he takes it back to his desk and send me links to hot pixxx of her getting railed by the boss in the boiler room. we go to chilis at some point probably. the babe keeps getting hotter/more naked and is seen programming hot jams with a Jupiter 8 after-hours. We are wearing uncool jeans and corporate fleece pullovers and have salt & pepper beards. we drive off into the sunset in toyota camrys.

Games- Midi Drift


jamie said...

I want my life to be that video on repeat.

Ben Snider said...

This video must be made.