Friday, April 10, 2009

live: Comet Gain @ MHoW

"I'm Feeling Groovy"
Admittedly I'd never heard of Comet Gain until Bill wrote this post on BV two months ago. It literally took one listen ("When I Try To Look So Bad") to fall head over heels for the UK veterans, who have been releasing 7-inches and LP's for more than half my life. (Comet Gain formed in 1992.) Like any vinyl fetishist, I immediately headed to Permanent Records and snagged a copy of the "Love Without Lies b/w Books of Californa" 7-inch, which Marjorie, Permanent's super friendly proprietor, thought was a a very good idea. Basically what this post boils down to is that if you like Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Buzzcocks, Shop Assistants, The Close Lobsters or any of the others acts on the C86 mixtape, and subsequently, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, then you should be spending your Easter Sunday evening with Comet Gain at Music Hall of Williamsburg. If that's not enough, Brooklyn's best noir-pop act Crystal Stilts will be opening, as well as Cold Cave. So yeah, it's worth the $13.

Comet Gain- Why I Try To Look So Bad

Comet Gain "Love Without Lies"


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