Monday, January 12, 2009

new: Ducktails

Not Not Fun
Ridgewood, NJ based Ducktails has a lot planned for 2009. Not only will he release his debut LP on Not Not Fun, but the tropical loop specialist is also set to release a slew of other recordings, including a split LP with Sun Araw on Not Not Fun, Ducktails "Acres of Shade" on Arbor, a Ducktails CD on Holy Mountain, a Ducktails CD compilation on RTB and a Ducktails/TOMUTONTTU 7". Big things indeed. If you can't wait for the LP, peep this radio session Ducktails did on the venerable NJ indie station WFMU. Also Ducktails is playing a host of upcoming shows in NYC, including one tomorrow night at Monster Island in BillyBurg.

Ducktails Live on WFMU 12.19.2008


Clifford said...

did they name themselves after the show?

Unknown said...

On the WFMU show, they said it's kind of a combination of all the cartoons about ducks (Duck Tales, Daffy, Donald, Darkwing, etc..), as well as the "duck tails" on old cars, as well as just plain old ducks. Thorough!