Wednesday, January 14, 2009

upcoming: Girls 7" & Album

"I Wish I Had A Pizza & A Bottle of Wine"

With only one official release under their belt, we're getting sort of antsy for some more Girls. Certainly the Morning Light/Lust For Life 7" is a doozey, but its been over half a year since the band released it (and sold it out) on True Panther. Luckily good news is on the way. Last week the band posted this message on its MySpace:
The album is oh so close guys and girls... We just got back to San Francisco from our own studio in my parents house in Santa Cruz... The future is very exciting this album is a great album its honest, loose, ethereal, obnoxious and perfect. We cant wait for you to hear it.
Not long after, I received an email from Dean at True Panther, noting that "The next Girls release will be a 7" of Hellhole Ratrace along with a brand new song. The LP should be coming near the end of April or the beginning of May." Super good news for all you pop savvy, navel gazing boys and girls with major crushes and some handshake drugs. If you find yourself in the Bay Area, you can catch Girls tomorrow with Hospitals at The Eagle, which is apparently a Gay Biker bar home to the "nouveau leather boy crew." Sounds like the perfect place to see Girls.

Girls- Morning Light (vinyl rip)

Girls- Carolina from Midi Festival

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ur link be deaaaad 4 morning light