Thursday, January 8, 2009

we saw: Sharon Van Etten

"I Was Dreaming Inside"
(Photo by arincrumley)

A cold, rainy night in Brooklyn couldn't have been better for taking in the lonesome, urban folk of Sharon Van Etten. Ms. Van Etten, whose voice is as haunting as it is lush, is quickly becoming a favorite in the live music scene in New York. (If you've checked out NYC Taper anytime in the last 3-4 months you probably already knew this.) Fans of Karen Dalton and Susan Christie will find solace in Sharon's painfully honest, utterly gorgeous hymns, which ring out like bells for the broken hearted. Honest and true to form, last nights show at Zebulon was a hushed affair full of absolutely enthralled onlookers. When I re-emerged into the Williamsburg night, I was somehow shocked to be surrounded by rusty motorcycles, as I was pretty sure I'd been transported to the depths of Germany's Black Forest. A compliment of the highest regard for an artist who is quickly becoming one of the strongest acts in Brooklyn.

NYC Taper
has a few live recordings of Sharon, including a recent show at Pianos.

Vote for Sharon on Deli Magazine's favorite NYC based Artist of 2008 poll here. (She's currently whooping ass.)

(ED Note: Hunter and Sharon work together.)

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