Wednesday, January 28, 2009

upcoming: Lindstrom @ Studio B

"I Feel Space"
(Photo by Passetti)
Tomorrow night Norweigan space-disco provocateur Hans-Peter Lindstrom will invade Brooklyn on the first night of a super select, increasingly rare U.S. tour, set to hit Chicago and San Francisco this weekend. While Lindstrom has played in the U.S. before, this may be his first time doing a "live set", as previous visits were either solo DJ sets or DJ sets with his cosmic partner-in-crime Prins Thomas. We at Bobka HQ are hoping for a full out exploration of Lindstrom's instant space oddity epic Where You Go I Go Too. If you don't hear from us on Friday, it's because we've been swept up in a wave of cosmic disco and are now chilling on an Alien space craft somewhere near Alpha Centauri. We've heard the view is fucking phenomenal from up there. (BTW, Lindstrom live at Studio B @ 1 AM.)

Lindstrom- The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)

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