Sunday, May 20, 2007

Collabo's: Dylan

"Guess Things Happen That Way"

We love us some colla-bo's. M.I.A & Timbo, Jerry & Grisman, or Miles & 'Trane, it's all good. No doubt Robert Zimmerman feels the same way. This week we highlight some friendly, very loose collaborations from the late 60's/early 70's, when the Bard could do no wrong.

The Dylan & Cash Sessions have been widely bootlegged since they were laid down in CBS Studio's in Nashville in spring of '69. The vibe is super loose and many of the tracks are first takes, giving them a sincere, raw quality that only adds to the magikal ambiance of their collaboration. We all know the classik version of "Girl from the North Country" on Nashville Skyline, but be sure to check out ultra sweet versions of "Guess Things Happen That Way," "I Walk the Line" and "You Are My Sunshine."

About a year after his studio sessions with Cash in Nashville, Dylan found himself in New York's Columbia Studios with legendary Beatle, George Harrison. Unlike the Cash sessions, Harrison sits in the backseat, acting as a sideman, occassionally providing backing vocals. Checkout the undisputed highlights of the session, a jangly juke house ramblin' version of "Matchbox" and a tape hissing lo-fi, electric-country-blues cover of "Yesterday." This may be Bobby D butchering the Beatles, but it's still pretty sweet.

from the Dylan/Cash Nashville Studio Sessions '69
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash- I Guess Things Happen That Way
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash- I Walk the Line
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash- You Are My Sunshine

from the Almost Went to See Elvis Sessions- 5/1/70
Bob Dylan & George Harrison- Yesterday
Bob Dylan & George Harrison- Matchbox

Sneak Peak inside the studio with Bobby D & the Man in Black

Photo Courtesy of Brother Stead