Thursday, May 31, 2007

Under the Covers: The Beatles

"It's Been A Long Cold and Lonely Winter"

It's not easy to cover the Beatles. Proof:I Am Sam Soundtrack . While every teenage boy with a guitar has taken a stab at Blackbird, it takes a truly unique voice of wonder to interpret the Fab Four's mystique. Luckily there are a few people more than up for the challenge.

Nina Simone didn't get the name the "High Priestess of Soul" for nothing. She was born with the title, divine right, and she proves that on this version of the Harrison classick "Here Comes the Sun." Listen close and you can actually feel the sun creeping out from behind the clouds.

Soul Music, to me, is simply music that reminds you that underneath layers of cold hearted bitterness, you do indeed still have a soul. Wilson Pickett will make you feel that way as he tears through the Beatle's anthem "Hey Jude." The story goes like this: Brother Duane Allman was doing session work at Muscle Shoals Studios, where Wilson Pickett came to record. The locals would go into town to eat lunch every day, leaving the flamboyant Pickett and Skydog (Duane) behind. Duane prompted Wilson to cover "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. Pickett said "Skyman, that ain't for me. It's too weird." But Duane persisted and the version recorded is a classic in the same way as Joe Cocker's version of The Beatle's "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window." The outro, which Pickett and Brother Duane both absolutely CRUSH, is one of those windows down, volume max'd out, rave ups that will make the proverbial "IT" better. This song screams cathartic salvation. RIP Wilson and Brother SkyDog.

Nina Simone-Here Comes the Sun
Wilson Pickett- Hey Jude

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