Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If the Shoe Fits...Turn Up the Volume!

"All of my insecurities are summed up when you walk into my room"

You: "Is this the Buzzcocks?"
Me: "Nope"
You: "Sounds a little like The Futureheads"
Me: "Wrong again"
You: "Well damnit man, who is this? It's fuckin' great!"
Me: "Good Shoes"

Good news. I got my psychic license renewed and it's good thru 2011. The excerpt above is what you would have said if you listened to the tracks below without me telling you who they were.

Good Shoes, the latest of underage British throwback rock bands, released their first album, Think Before You Speak, in late March. Truthfully, it hasn't caught on the way I anticipated, so I thought I'd share some tracks and let you decide for yourself. Their lyrics seem honest, their guitars are tight and focussed. With 14 tracks I had a hard time picking out just a couple.

Good Shoes - Nazanin
Good Shoes - Sophia
Good Shoes - Small Town Girl

video for "All In My Head"

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