Tuesday, May 29, 2007

nu musik: OCDJ

"Candy Crunk"

OCDJ makes self described "Candy Crunk, Chip Chop Dance Classixzzzzz" and boy do we love him for it. With summer officially, unofficially upon us we thought it'd be a good time to let you soak in some of his sugar-coated flourescent grime. 8 bit beats + drrrty irrrty rap = Summer Fun. "Pls Stp th Hstl" is straight electro infused hip hop, while "Trip Trip" is classick 8 bit orchestrated video game fun. Wham City! king Dan Deacon loves him, and we do too. Did I mention he's from my hometown of Randolph, NJ?! Yee-hawwwwwww. Also be sure to check out the killer archive of OCDJ radio shows over at WFMU. Thanks Dan!

OCDJ- Pls Stp Th Hstl
OCDJ- Trip Trip

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Anonymous said...

Great blog and this OCDJ stuff is super! Nice one.
Came across you guys through BlogFreshradio and have added you to my blogroll and links.