Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Peeps: Erlend Oye

"Every Party Has A Winner & A Loser"

We're not afraid to admit our intense love of all things Scandanavian. The accent, the names (Jens/Lindstrom), and especially the music (electro/pop/space disco/goth house). Maybe it has something to do with only getting sunlight for half the year, but whatever the cause, there is some incredibly magikal stuff coming out of Viking land.

One of our favorite Scandanavian's is Erlend Oye. Erlend, who hails from Bergen, Norway (also home to Royksopp, Annie, and The Knife) is famous for his work in the Norweigan version of Simon & Garfunkel, Kings of Convenience. However, in the past few years Oye has ditched his acoustic guitar for a pair of turntables and a host of synthesizers. Aside from his work with Royksopp (yep, the sick song on the Geico commercial) and his on-going stint in the Whitest Boy Alive (fitting name), Erlend has produced a bevy of fuzzy, infectious downtempo electronic pop songs. His album Unrest is a collection of 10 tracks recorded in 10 different cities with 10 different producers. He has also contributed to the ever expanding DJ KiCKS series, where he remixes the Rapture and Phoenix, among others. Below you can download a song he did with Prefuse 73 (one of our all time favorites tracks) and the absurdly titled "Poor Leno" remix from Erlend's DJ KiCKS. If you dig the Postal Service, you're gonna eat this right up.

Royksopp & Erlend Oye- Poor Leno (Silicone Souls Hypno House Dub)/There is a Light that Never Goes Out (acappella)

From Unrest
Erlend Oye & Prefuse 73- Every Party Has a Winner and a Loser

Solo acoustic rendition of "Every Party..."

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