Wednesday, June 9, 2010

video: Tennis "Bimini Bay"


First shows are a strange beast. Usually, they suck. In the pre-digi cam world, this didn't matter all that much. Nowadays it's hard, damn near impossible to play a show without some jibroni filming it with his Sony cybershot and uploaing it to YouTube by the time the show is over. Neath the pessism is truth. Every so often a group of ragtag youngsters join together to create something new and this "new" creation is both genuine and pure, lacking toxicity and a saccarine sheen. Tennis epitomize this honest reality. A young (and, may I say, damn good looking) married couple playing straight ahead pop songs written on a maiden voyage on the high seas. This version "Bimini Bay," presumably written while the founding members were sailing the globe, was recorded at Tennis's first show. If it's any indication of the future, I bet we will see hundreds more videos of the band over the next few years.

Tennis are about to release a pair of 7-inches, one courtesy of Fire Talk, the label founded by fellow Denver residents (and Tennis homies) Woodsman, and the other from Underwater Peoples.


Marissa A. Ross said...

great use of "jibroni". i think it deserves a comeback.

Marissa A. Ross said...

this gives me chilllls. <3

Unknown said...

I was totally there. Serious star potential here. I got some mediocre pictures at the show. Check it boiiii.