Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tape: The Savage Young Taterbug Boys of a Feather

"Free Your Head"

Wildly scampering through a cattle field after a rain storm, one young man is home. The iridescent sheen on untended grass glistens with pre-dawn sun, as the homeless man, whose home is everywhere, plops to his knees and begins ravaging cow pies. It's mushroom season. Within an hour, the young voyager has a trash bag full of moist post-manure boom booms. The sun is creeping up, and just as the explorer hops the chicken wire fence, a farmer comes rustling out of his cottage, shot gun in hand. Two blasts in the air and our feteful voyager is long gone, down the road, and, in all honesty, feeling pretty damn good as those fresh shrooms kicked in before he was half way over the fence, watching bullets pierce the morning sky. This is how I picture Taterbug in Iowa. Freewheeling and dealing, endlessly living, and laying down pitch shifted vocal soul in the mean time. The "Boys of the Feather" C20 on Night People captures his spirit in bursts that are as languid and boggling as they are true; a psychedelic warrior with the spirit of Daniel Johnston (or the Devil.)

The Savage Yougn Taterbug's Boys of a Feather is available from Night People, as are a handful of other Taterbug related tapes. Highly recommended.

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