Tuesday, June 8, 2010

new: Velvet Davenport/ Moon Glyph comp

"It's Alright"

Purveyors of prosperous peace & luminous light, Minnesota's Moon Glyph have been on an extra terrestrial hot streak lately. From the bubbly "Beach Boy" dreams of Buffalo Moon to the lysergic jangle of Velvet Davenport, whose "Lemon Drop Square Box" cassette (one of my favorite releases of the year, so far) is aptly described by the label as "the story of someone opening a box of candy to find baby venus inside and then this fortunate soul must take care of the goddess," the label continues to cull the fruits of Minnesota's psych scene and this season's harvest is plentiful.

Straddling the same windowpane Syd Barrett and Olivia Tremor Control rode until spontaneously combusting into water molecules, Velvet Davenport are modern psychedelic shaman clued into the quixotic ways of inner-world. "I trip, it's aight, babe." Walking the fine line between blissed out paisley pop and raga-influenced DMT zoners, Velvet Davenport prove more than simply post-psych fetishists on their new shdwply records 7", which, if you haven't heard it yet, features both Gary War & Ariel Pink. Velvet Davenport teamed up with the pair again to record "Surfer Girl," which will be released on the forthcoming Regolith Vol. 1 comp on Moon Glyph.

Velvet Davenport will hit Kings County next week, where the band will play a Bobka show at Monster Island with Ducktails, Wild Nothing and Woodsman on Friday June 18th.

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