Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tape: Cascaders "Skybridge"

"Don't Want It"

(ED Note: This week I will be debuting new releases on The Curatorial Club. Pre-orders are currently available and will ship beginning June 8th. Check The Curatorial Club for more information.)

High above careening cliffs and the crashing white river rolling beneath, a samurai must balance his qi. Mind and body must work together to cross the ravenous ravine. Once in the middle, the wooden footpath shaking beneath, it is impossible not to look down. The samurai doesn't look down. He looks forward. Eyes on the prize, before, slowly, making his way to the otherside.

Much is the same with Cascaders, a project that owes as much to patience as it does minimal synths and drums. Permeating from the depths of Slob City, Cascaders projects the buzz of a late night TV drone onto lucid dreams inspired by Iasos. The musical project of Jamie Granato (Men & Women, Co-Founder of Group Tightener) is a luminous meditation on modern living in urban society, where the space floating between fits of consciousness is more telling than the random bits & pieces of memories left scattered on concrete streets.

Cascaders debut is a 4-song, 2-sided adventure in submergence. Preview the entire release over at Cascaders MySpace. While the digital sounds are tight, nothing compares to how the hypno-ambiance play out over 25 minutes on analog tape.

Pre-order Cascaders contribution to The Curatorial Club (TCC004) below.


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