Monday, June 7, 2010

mp3: SLEEP ∞ OVER "Outer Limits"

"Sun Spots"

The Austin trio SLEEP ∞ OVER, who may guide séances on the side, are releasing their vinyl debut on Forest Family later this summer. "Outer Limits," from what may be best described as a double A-side (my words not theirs) is the most sensual SLEEP ∞ OVER song to date, with harmonies that could seduce a vampire out into a high noon light. The girls will be playing all over the great island of Manhattan and Kings County this next weekend, (Philly too!) including a show at Pianos on Sunday night with LA psych-magnets Pocahaunted and Paw Track's newest signees Prince Rama. I'll be DJ'ing pagaen vibes all night too, if that's your thang. Taste SLEEP ∞ OVER's latest below.

SLEEP ∞ OVER- Outer Limits

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Unknown said...

I'm liking this band more and more every time I hear them. That split they did with Pure Ecstasy is wonderful.