Monday, June 21, 2010

video: Pocahaunted at Pianos

Not Not Fun

Sometimes the 4th dimension isn't so sublte. Advocates of the Spirit Molecule break down this artifical barrier daily, while the majority of others only ever witness a glimpse of what lays below the surface. Hunting and gathering, foraging, peeking under caves and ancient rocks, one gets the sense that what our eyes allow us to see is only a icing on an extremely lavish and incredibly dank cake. Pocahaunted, known for spell inducing rave ups and communal freak-funk, hinted at the nether world when they were recently in New York. Psychotropic visual artist Ray Concepcion, whose always working in the shadows, captured the group jamming inside the hyperdimensional helix.

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they were fucking amazing when I saw them in dc not to long agoooo