Friday, May 7, 2010

mix: Love Triangle

"Count Zero"

Austin synth-quartet SURVIVE just posted this Texas sized mix made for Vice UK by Tommy Boy. The results are near Earth shaking. Gathering bits and pieces from the Austin-Houston-Dallas Triangle, Love Triangle is a roll slow'd/lean back oriented mix that is sure to set the tone for a warped weekend. From George Quartz cover of "Coconut" to Psychic Violence's "U is Moon" to Twisted Wire's "Hell" and How to Quit Crack's "Gone Away", this is essentially the education I received on my first trip to Austin last March. I can guarantee that nearly all of this mix, if not the entire thing, will be new to you. Now put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.

1. George Quartz - Coconut
2. Phantastes - Flight of Stares
3. Darktown Strutters - Silver Bullet
4. Indian Jewelry - Same Mistake Man
5. Corporate Park - Intimate Precision
6. //TENSE// - Versus Man (TX Love Remix 2010)
7. Seth Nemec - Count Zero
8. Jake Schrock - Trigon
9. E.R.P. (aka Convextion) - Frozen Volatiles
10. DYX - Lips in the Darkness (feat. Press-On)
11. Submersible Machines - Riding Theta Waves
12. Missions - Phantasy
13. Medio Mutante - Transit (Demo)
14. MVSCLZ - Fascination (Across The Nation)
15. R9 - Dreamdance
16. edrupt - M-U-S-I-K
17. betdat - nex (Radio Edit)
18. MKF K√úNST - Venga (TX Love Remix 2010)
19. Berliner Eins - Nite Life
20. Twisted Wires - Hell
21. Low Red Center - Historic Edition
22. S U R V I V E - White Clouds
23. Future Blondes - NIGHT ANALYSIS (Oppenheimer Analysis "Behind the Shades" RMX)
24. Psychic Violence - U is Moon
25. How I Quit Crack - Gone Away
26. xix - 1111(v7)


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Listened to this mix on a road trip recently. Was pretty great.