Thursday, May 13, 2010

bobkast: #32 So I Can Fly

"Time Traveling"

May Flowers are spewing out an obscene amount of pollen into the atmosphere. Streets glow a tainted boogie colour, giving concrete a luscious, almost sensual appeal. The green mist penetrates our nasal cavity's and fucks with our neuro-system. Eyes water, heads swell and before you can wipe the goo from your nose, a dizzy-ing rush rolls over you. Next thing you know, your alone in a room. A bed room. In a doll house. Inside a hot air balloon. There's a looney man at the helm, boosting flame power, before letting it ride out and sailing across the solar sea.

This mix was crafted during the englightening hours by myself and Erez Avissar. Erez and I will be DJ'ing this Saturday at Good Company in Williamsburg (Grand & Hope). We'll also be DJ'ing next Wednesday with Julianna Barwick at a venue TBD. Consider this a primer.

Bobkast #32: So I Can Fly

Franco Battio- Il Silenzio Del Rumore
Joe Meek- I Hear A New World (Alternate)
Edibles- Lazers
Janko Nilovic- Drug Song
Run DMT- Spruce Bringsteen (Demo)
Velvet Davenport- Run (Freakers pitch)
Tracey Trance- Gaugin
Mulatu Astatqe- Tezeta
Krokodil- The Creator Had A Master Plan
Candy Claws- Sunbeam Show
The Samps!- Mashed Skins
Ash Ra + Timothy Leary- Time
A to Austr- Hawaiian War Chant
We Like Cats- Money Dub Money
Omar Khorshid- Solenzara
Spacemen 3- Come Down Easy (Forged Prescription)
Velvet Davenport- Run (Tweakers pitch)
Julian Lynch- Just Enough
Yo La Tengo- Return to Hot Chicken
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas- Boney M Down
John K- Beginners
oOoOO- NoSummr4U
SURVIVE- Lunar Eclipse (bugger)
Ducktails- Dancing With the One You Love (Rez'z Burial Ceremony)
Caribou- Bowls
Blondes- Moondance
Pional- In Another Room (Original mix)
Balam Acab- See Birds
How I Quit Crack- Gone Away (Barbie Huffing NO2 remix)
Fleetwood Mac- You and I, Part II

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Velv Davport 2x?

nick said...

ash ra tempel jam = classic

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. said...

Omg this Samps track is tight! Thanks!