Saturday, May 8, 2010

album: Liam the Younger Revel Hidden Worlds

"Bob Dylan"

Liam the Younger isn't one to play into public perceptions or preconceived notions. On his latest record, Revel Hidden Worlds, he sheds much of the tape hiss and acousic balladry that populate Clear Skies Over Black River and After the Graveyard and, in the process, finds his voice as redemtive Tiresias. As usual his lyrics are prophetic, words not just for singing, but for living, the sort of songs that become ingrained in your psyche after only a few listens. When "Lie" punches through the drywall caked "All Here For" it's clear this record isn't just a day in the park, but a beast with motives and intentions neither you nor I will ever understand, no matter how hard we try. But in that non-understanding lies the pay off; Revel Hidden Worlds does just that, peeling the coating from the everyday, highlighting the everyday bullshit and beauty that make life worth living. Revel Hidden World was recently released on LP by Brave Men Run as a limited pressing of 300 vinyl, complete with photo/lyric book. I highly suggest you purchase it here. Copies of the album are also available on cassette through Wild Animal Kingdom. In addition, Liam's also made the record available for free download, which you can do below.

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