Thursday, March 11, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch Ep4

"Cat People"
This past Sunday was quite the celebration/burn out zone at Newtown Radio. Our hangover relief special came in the form of a videochat broadcast from Sleep Over. Something tells me two spirits may have gotten loose in Austin and crept into Sleep Over's living room practice zone. After a mystifying set, Charles spun hits from movies that were nominated for Oscars, movies that weren't, and movies that never were, followed by a live in-studio set from Family Portrait, fresh off a particularly fun night and ripe for their first national tour. It was pretty familial, sort of like the riff-raff from the prior nights house show wandered into the studio and sat in a circle around the band, indian style, just trying to get a grip on the day. Good times.

Sunday Brunch Ep4"

Rose Royce - I wanna Get Next to You [from Car Wash]

live Sleep Over set (via iChat)

Tangerine Dream - Betrayal [from Sorcerer]
Giorgio Moroder - To The Bridge [from Cat People]
Vangelis - Wait for Me [from Blade Runner]
Trevor Duncan - Grip of the Law [from Plan 9 from Outer Space]
Pink Floyd - When Tigers Broke Free [from The Wall]
Popol Vuh - Gemeinshaft [from Coeur de Verre]
Quincy Jones - Hangin Paper [from In Cold Blood]
Final Solution - Brotherman [from Brotherman (fake movie)]
Steely Dan - FM [from FM]
David Bowie - Cat People [from Cat People]
Johnny Greenwood - Prospectors Arrive [from There Will Be Blood]
Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Main Title Theme [from The Shining]
Gyorgy Ligeti - Overture: Atmospheres [from 2001: A Space Odyssey]
Tex Ritter - High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) [from High Noon]
Barry Adamson - The Big Bamboozle [from Oedipus Schmoedipus (fake movie)]
Bob Dylan - Billy 1 [from Pat Garret & Billy The Kid]
Giorgio Moroder - The Chase [from Midnight Express]
Ennio Moricone - The Ecstacy of Gold [from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly]

live Family Portrait set

Download Sunday Brunch Ep 4 (featuring Sleep Over and Family Portrait)


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