Thursday, March 25, 2010

post-SXSW: Speculator

Been digging on Speculator since Friendship Bracelet first featured his zonked out new(no)-wave grooves on FBC2 (and subsequently FBC3). Last week I had the opportunity to check out Speculator live and in the flesh, tape-decking out in the Austin sun. Flanged grooves woggled over magnetic tape until the grooves just unwound, spitting thousands of manipulated notes into a vast ocean of mega-notes. Regurgitated soundscapes form the basis of highly vibeable car tunes, the sort of wonked out bliss William Basinki would be into if his rotting tapes were Billy Ocean, rather than some avant-experimental whatever the fuck. That said, Speculator's recently released split with Luke Perry is a quintessential sewar banger, the sort of slo-soul that's been devolving in a vile of ooz for years without once being subjected to total darkness (or total light, for that matter). Purchase the Luke Perry/Speculator split tape here.


Mark Schoneveld said...

Love this track... where did they play in Austin? Kinda bummed I missed it.

McG said...

he played at the Silver Pines curated show at Okay Mountain and theShake Some Action thing

Shaun Durkan said...

Also played at the Skrot up/FLA show.